Bechtel construction inspector Michael Klink has filed a complaint charging that TIC — The Industrial Company — provided shoddy construction work at nine of the pumping stations on the high-profile Keystone crude oil pipeline.

You can view Klink’s entire complaint here: TICscan

Klink charged that TIC’s work did not follow the contract specifications. He witnessed TIC’s poor workmanship on the rebar, welding, shim installation and concrete work, and dangerous misuse of a forklift, at several of the pumping stations.

Instead of immediately correcting their work, TIC reacted poorly. A TIC Supervisor  “…went into a tirade, cursing at Mr. Klink, “…the fucking Bechtel inspector … we will build it our way.”

TIC representatives reportedly also spit on, and beat up another Bechtel construction inspector.  Klink also stated he suspected drug use by a TIC supervisor.

This is only the latest instance of allegations against TIC for construction quality problems.  In an earlier court case, TIC was accused of destroying a Colorado steel mill when a backhoe operator hit a natural gas pipeline, triggering an explosion.

Other recent Federal court cases involving TIC include new allegations of TIC’s discrimination on racial and disability grounds.  TIC has faced charges of discrimination before, including a landmark settlement with the EEOC several years ago in which TIC paid a multi-million settlement over racism allegations.

Another recent TIC court suit involves the explosion of a process vessel at a TIC-constructed ethanol plant in Wood River, Nebraska.

The Office of Pipeline Safety, in a June, 2010 letter, linked the oil spill at the Ludden pumping Station in North Dakota, (built by TIC), to faulty installation and overtorquing of a pipe nipple that caused cracking and its ultimate failure.

More information on TIC’s shoddy work has been revealed by Anthony Swift of NRDC and the Huffington Post.

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