The Troubled History of Ivey Mechanical

Ivey Mechanical currently enjoys one of the largest commercial construction businesses in the southeastern United States. If you look at Ivey Mechanical’s web site, you might think that the company has enjoyed several unbroken decades of success, beginning with its 1947 start-up in Mississippi.

The company grew from a small Mississippi contractor by picking up military and other government work, and became one,of the largest mechanical contractors in the country with over $140 million annual business in the nineties, and “briefly became part” of the consolidations in the mechanical contracting industry, before “acquiring itself” in 2003.

Now the Contractors’ Critic brings you the real story. Ivey’s own version of its history neglects to mention its role in the disastrous bankruptcies of Encompass, Ivey’s parent company that left projects half-built, and left equipment suppliers with unpaid bills of countless millions of dollars.

During the declining days of Ivey’s affiliation with Encompass, OSHA issued several serious citations and proposed thousands of dollars in fines against Ivey/Encompass. Soon after Ivey emerged from the Encompass bankruptcy, Ivey began aggressively filing court suits against some of its clients and others, to collect minor debts, according to court documents.

Download the full report (PDF):

Ivey Mechanical #1 Final 8-28-11 (4)

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